12 Jun 2018

Purchase a property in Artà, a magical town

It’s no secret that the landscapes in Mallorca are some of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Its unique combination of land and sea, alongside its rural atmosphere which contrasts with cosmopolitan, are attractive features for many visitors that, year after year, lead them to purchase a property in Mallorca. Mallorca Property Centre, real estate agency in Artà, is well aware of the treasure which lies in the east of Mallorca. Artà is a magical town, and we will tell you why in this article.

The Santuari de Sant Salvador and its fortress

In a valley in the east of Mallorca you will find a popular town which has conserved a patrimonial legacy worthy of admiring. The gem of Artà is the fortress of Santuari de Sant Salvador, a fortified sanctuary from the 14th century. The town revolves around this impressive construction and creates a visual beauty that’s hard to beat. If you decide to climb to the top, a pleasant walk will be waiting for you amongst nature and the 180 steps that lead you to the entrance of the sanctuary, alongside some views that are worth shouting about. You can also take a walk through the fortress that surrounds it.

Life in Artà

The goings on in the town and its surroundings are some of the incentives for buying a property in Artà. It has two markets: one which takes place regularly in the Plaza del Conqueridor and another which is centred around artisanal products which takes place in the Na Batlessa finca. Both are held on the same day: Tuesdays. Crafts is much more than just this market. Artà is historically known for its production of ceramics and baskets. This eclectic town also has its own museum, as well as a theatre: the Teatre d’Artà, which was opened in 2001 and has a capacity of up to 460 people.

Beyond the border

On the outskirts of this privileged enclave, we find the possibility of carrying out visits to the Coves del Drac, one of the most well-known attractions in Mallorca, or the possibility of seeing the Talayotic city, Ses Paisses, one of the main archaeological sites of the Balearic islands. In some of these archaeological digs, traces were found of trade and basket production, basket making is one of the oldest practices on the island according to the findings.

The fiestas of Sant Antoni, a long awaited event

Much like many of the towns in Mallorca, Artà also has its patron saint festivals. In January there is Sant Antoni, one of the most significant fiestas on the island, in which the whole town congregates to dance to the sound of traditional Mallorcan music. It is one of the most eagerly awaited and special moments in the area.

Buy a property in Artà and have your own piece of paradise

Artà has everything that a magical town needs: a sanctuary which crowns the town, outskirts that are filled with possibilities, charming people and the vibrant history of Mallorca. Its narrow and cobbled streets hide the essence of the Mediterranean with houses that could easily be found in paradise. Mallorca Property Centre, real estate agency in Artà, offers a catalogue of properties so that you can choose a property which fits all of your needs and start to make this beautiful and special town your own.

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